Election Commission

The Election Commission is selected by public vote for a term of 4 years. Terms can be unlimited.

Qualifications: Must be qualified elector in Jasper County and a resident of Supervisor District in which they are a candidate.

Purpose: To run the County’s General and Special Elections


  • Prepare and print ballots
  • Hire and train poll workers
  • Secure all supplies and prepare voting machines for elections
  • Prepare poll books
  • Compile precinct results on election day
  • Certify election results
  • Provide election data to the public
  • Purge voter rolls in compliance with the National Voter’s Rights Act
  • Attend Election Conventions and training workshops.

Willie Grace Myatt
(Dist 1)
P O Box 487
Raleigh, MS 39153

Perry Duckworth
(Dist 2)
Rt 3 Box 197
Taylorsville, MS 39168

Sherri Darden
(Dist 3)
P O Box 100
Mize, MS 39116

Jim Burns
(Dist 4)
1481 SCR 121
Raleigh, MS 39153

Glendell Webb
(Dist 5)
8340 SCR 581
Raleigh, MS 39153